Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness Necklace, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Kyanite, Kunzite, Clear
Quartz, Sterling Silver 

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Are you ready to connect to your Higher Guidance?  To find what the missing link is?  Or maybe you just need a little assistance of your journey of discovery?  Let this necklace wash over you, with its calming Blue Lace Agate drops like the water from a waterfall washing away the clutter from your mind.  Amethyst will be very supportive of the emotional body, helping you stay centered while you continue your spiritual journey.  Than Kunzite steps in to balance your unconditional love of yourself, others and accepting of any changes on your journey.  Making life more manageable.  Kyanite enters the picture to instantly align all your chakras, Aura and meridians, clearing the pathway for your new beginning.  Assisting you in bridging the connection to your Higher Consciousness.  While the Clear Quartz keeps you protected and grounded on your travels.       

Blue Lace Agate drops and round beads, Dark Purple Amethyst round beads, Rare Round Kyanite Beads, Rare round Kunzite beads, Clear Quartz round beads with Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp.


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