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Magical Properties of Gemstones P-S

[A-C] [D-I] [J-O] [P-S] [T-Z]

Pearl: divination, balancing, intuition, chastity, wisdom, youth, serenity, truth
Peridot: growth, purification, intuition, compassion, cleansing, focus




Red Jasper: grace, beauty, easing pain of childbirth, banns dangerous whims


Rhodonite: understanding of cosmic purpose, happiness, self confidence, peace

Rose Quartz: love, healing, drawing out pain, meditation, psychic powers, magick
Ruby: sexual energy, enthusiasm, generosity, will power, contentment, power, joy

Ruby in Zoiste:

Rutilated Quartz: inspiration, removing negativity, clearing charka, energy

Sapphire: overcoming depression, self discipline, meditation, love, peace
Serpentine: visualization, attracting love, abundance, psychic power, longevity
Silver: cleansing, soothing, psychic ability, balance, clarity, stress relief
Smokey Quartz: calms the mind, reduces panic and fear, elevates, mood
Snowflake Obsidian: absorbs negativity, enhances serenity, grounds spiritual energy



Sodalite: clears the mind, stress relief, peace, harmony, wisdom relaxation, insight


Sugilite: purification, healing protection, eloquence, friendship growth, awareness

Sunstone: physical energy, success vitality, courage, independence, health

**DISCLAIMER:  This information was first compiled in 1994 by myself and has been added on thru the years by my students, mentors and trial and error.   Any information given on this site is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice.  Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified physician or practioner.**

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