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Magical Properties of Gemstones D-I

[A-C] [D-I] [J-O] [P-S] [T-Z]

Desert Rose:  gentle, enliven, jump start your body, mind and spirit, encourage sensuality, increase metabolism

Diamond: generosity, faithfulness, love, success, will power, trust



Emerald: meditation, insight, healing divination, friendship, balance


Fluorite: keenness of mind, reduce emotional involvement, logic, intellect


Gaia Stone: Goddess connection, emotional healing, prosperity

Garnet: healing, protection, strength, past life regression, travel protection
Gold: purification, warmth, love, abundance, energy, prosperity
Gold Stone: protection, hope
Hematite: memory, clarity stress relief, banishing negativity, scrying, healing

Howlite: calming, artistic expression, creativity, eliminating selfishness, purity

Iolite: peace, truth, psychic ability, curiosity, spiritual growth, leadership

  **DISCLAIMER:  This information was first compiled in 1994 by myself and has been added on thru the years by my students, mentors and trial and error.   Any information given on this site is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice.  Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified physician or practioner.**

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