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Welcome to Heal with Gemstones!

We invite you to explore our unique gemstone store and to learn the many ways that our gemstones can serve your search for greater health and harmony. We try to provide you with the highest quality, unaltered gemstones available.  While enhancements of any kind can help with the appearance of gemstones, they can also alter the healing qualities gemstones.  Each necklace is made with loving energy and intent and charged with Reiki and Blessed by the Universe.  Estimated delivery is usually 1-2 weeks in the United States.  Most of our necklaces you will find in spherical form for the benefit of better enriching the wearer.  A gemstone in spherical form does not produce scattered energies, but rather is more directed in the throat chakra if worn or into the chakra that it is placed over.   Our jewelry promotes healing on all levels-mind, body, spiritual and emotional.  If you have a area in your life that you are needing assistance with and do not find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us for a quote on a custom piece.  Our custom pieces run about the same as the pieces already posted.  





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