Magical Properties of Gemstones A-C

Magical Properties of Gemstones A-C

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Actinolite: Harmony, self-esteem, self-worth, strength, inner balance, patience, dreams

Adamite:  Courage, emotions, prosperity, guidance, strength

Aegirine:  Self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, protection, attachments, blocks

Agate: Harmony, stress relief, strength, protection, prosperity

Ajoite:  Peace, acceptance, understanding

Alabaster:  Spiritual healing, manifesting, emotional healing, meditation

Alexandrite:  creative, intuition, calm, peace, luck

Amazonite: Balance, intuition, focus, clarity

Amber: Protection, thwarts negativity, sun stone, calming, balancing

Amethyst: Spiritual, calming, cleansing, dreams, protection

Ametrine: Tension reliever, positive, spiritual, cleansing, psychic abilities,

Andalusite:  Grounding, understanding a situation without losing sight of the purpose.

Antimony:  Protection, but use with care.  Because it is toxic.  While it is not a stone, but a metal, I have gotten asked about its properties before.

Apache’s Tears:  grounding, protection

Apatite:  cleansing, visions, dreams, inspiration

Apophyllite: psychic abilities, channeling, higher guidance, angelic

Aquamarine:  Happiness, friendship, courage, individuality, protection, luck

Aragonite:  power, strength, peace

Aventurine: Luck, opportunity

Azeztulite:  Ascension stone.  Azeztulite is a trademark name for a specific supplier.  You can find the same stone under the name Milky Quartz, same stone, same vibration, same purpose, cheaper price. 

Azurite:  creativity, self-expression, blocks

Azurite-Malachite: (see Azurite and Malachite)   You get the properties of both stones in one.

Bart:  (also called Desert Rose)  Intuition, clears the mind, higher guidance

Biotite:  Spiritual detox, intuition, creativity

Black stone:  Grounding, protection

Black Tourmaline: protection, negativity, support

Blood Stone: wealth, healing physical strength, stress relief, guidance

Blue Lace Agate: happiness, warmth, gentleness, tenderness, peace, calm

Botswana Agate:  eases stress from loss, reduces anxiety, mood booster

Blue Topaz:  Creativity, great for people needing to find their voice, Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit

Brazilianite:  Creativity, passion, manifestation, empowerment, meditation

Breckzien Jasper:  Courage, confidence, protection, happiness,

Bronzite:  Grounding, self esteem, inner peace, stress, mental stability, intuition, protection

Calcite: healing, creativity, attracting love, luck, money, problem solving

Carnelian: healing, courage, joy, eases depression, peace, action, lust

Cat’s Eye:

Celestite: auric cleanser, negativity, meditation, astral travel


Charoite: Transformation, power. Inspiration, enhanced creativity, spiritual growth, new possibilities, self-esteem

Chinese Turquoisecourage, luck, love, money, grounding, meditation



Chrysoprasespiritual protection, good luck, business success, self-expression, courage, happiness, prosperity


Citrine: protection, anti-nightmare, protection, magical power, luck

Clear Quartzhealing, cleansing

Copperhealing, attracting love and money, releasing, protection, luck

**DISCLAIMER:  This information was first compiled in 1994 by myself and has been added on thru the years by my students, mentors and trial and error.   Any information given on this site is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice.  Any person with a condition requiring medical attention should consult a qualified physician or practioner.**