Gemstone Properties

I have broken the gemstones into 3 separate categories to assist you in finding what you need quickly.  On this page, I have listed which stones work best with each Chakra.  I have listed most common illnesses with stones that vibrate at the appropriate level to maybe assist you with your energy work.  Last but not least, I have listed the stones magical properties.  

This list is not an end all to be all.  Also, you will realize as you grow, what use to work, no longer does.  As an example, Hematite use to be my go to stone for grounding work.  But the more I grow spiritually and the more I raise my vibration, the more Hematite has the opposite effect on me.  Whereas before, it would ground me, now it makes me jittery and scatters my energy.  We are balls of energy, so this is normal for this to happen.  

If you would like jewelry made for a specific purpose, please drop me an email.  I love special requests.